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Racers Heart

The Bobby Allison Story

A stock car legend and member of the NASCAR Hall of fame, Bobby Allison spends three decades battling his way to the pinnacle of his sport before a horrific incident strikes him down. Totally dependent on his indomitable wife, Judy, he slowly pieces his life back together and begins to mentor his two sons, who have followed in their father’s racing footsteps. Then tragedy shatters Bobby and Judy’s world and in the carnage of unthinkable grief, their love and faith are put to the ultimate test.


The Payne Stewart Story

When Payne Stewart joins the PGA Tour, he’s brash, flamboyant, impulsive and supremely talented. There’s just one person who can bring him down to earth and keep him grounded; his wife, Tracey. She’s always there to see him through the momentous triumphs and bitter disappointments of a storied career that ends much too soon. And it’s their undying love for each other and inseparable bond that Payne must rely on to overcome the challenge of becoming a true champion, both on and off the course.


The George Chuvalo Story

Five-time Canadian heavyweight champion, George Chuvalo, was never knocked down in 93 pro fights that included bouts against Hall of Famers Floyd Patterson, Joe Frazier, George Foreman and Muhammad “I Am The Greatest” Ali. However, after his career ends, George finds himself in the battle of his life and he must try to save his family from the death grip of addiction. It’s a fight that could knock him out for the first and last time.



Raising Father is the story of Max an Evelyn Saarndt, the unlikely pairing of a Classics educated woman and a well known painter with the persistent stare and fixed smile of a borderline intellect, who face challenges common to all in a life marked of tragedy and triumph. When forced to endure the sudden death of their mother, mid-teen daughters Gaby and Sid take up the greatest challenge and the fullness of joy in the honorable life of raising father, joining again and again with their beloved mother in this inspiring saga. At risk of being torn apart, the twins discover the lessons of character, forbearance, and selfless devotion to others imprinted in them by their loving parents. Others will not look the same.

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